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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Brokering this beauty for my partner Kevin from South Carolina

1966 Chevy C10 LWB fleetside
big back window
Inline 6 with 3 on the tree
This is a South Carolina truck that was being driven daily by the previous owner to and from town 3 days a week on average. I have driven the truck several times and the only thing I see that it could use would be a brake job and maybe a tune up. It fires right up and runs out smooth and I have driven it 30 plus miles to and from work with no issues. She will Cruise out nice around 65 miles an hour! All the gauges work as they should including the gas gauge. The truck is pretty much original with the exception of it was painted several years back and is showing its nice patina that is so sought after. The truck does have rust in the usual places like the rocker panels and a some in the floorboards on both sides, other than that she's pretty solid. The hood is extremely solid on this truck with no rust at all! This is the very hard to find Big Back Window cab that everybody wants... The last picture is a Photoshop rendering showing how the truck would look laid out with some 22" steelies on it!!! The truck has a very cool look and patina to it and gets looks and thumbs up everywhere I go. Most of the original wood bed and steel slats are still under the piece of sheet metal that was put in years ago probably to haul firewood back in the day.  All of the cab supports are very solid as well as the bottom of the doors, even the cab corners aren't bad. It would not take much at all to make this a very cool daily driver or shop truck! I have seen these trucks go upwards of $8000 so don't miss your chance to pick this one up at a great deal... 
Clean and clear South Carolina title in hand....
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have before the end of auction and do not be it if you do not intend to close the deal are if you have to ask your wife first! We take these auctions very serious and we hope you will too!!!!  photo Sample1-2_zps0frzgmit.jpg
 photo 20161007_102040_zpsk9qxoevc.jpg
 photo 20161007_102439_zpshrbnyty7.jpg
 photo 20161007_102509_zps3lzxw04m.jpg
 photo 20161007_102512_zps1g9lhnwa.jpg
 photo 20161007_102529_zps9v7crhgz.jpg
 photo 20161007_102503_zpsrjn6zmb0.jpg
 photo 20161007_102451_zpscj4py9cm.jpg
 photo 20161007_102456_zpsceqxrfh8.jpg
 photo 20161007_102439_zpshrbnyty7.jpg
 photo 20161007_102132_zpsnmyvvckr.jpg
 photo 20161007_102213_zpsvco1mh6p.jpg
 photo 20161007_102202_zps1obafkjh.jpg
 photo 20161007_102156_zpsknarkg6b.jpg
 photo 20161007_102239_zpswxb45hgz.jpg
 photo 20161007_102235_zpslzml8emy.jpg
 photo 20161007_102118_zps05oxs1rn.jpg
 photo 20161007_102123_zpszuubni1c.jpg
 photo 20161007_102615_zpssr0bn9zx.jpg photo 20161007_102623_zpsijescxuy.jpg
 photo 20161007_102413_zpse9nq6rvh.jpg
 photo 20161007_102408_zpsqjwqqaf1.jpg
 photo 20161007_102258_zpsdecw7ju4.jpg
 photo 20161007_102331_zpszfdl1jdi.jpg
 photo 20161007_102254_zpsbzt1kmcm.jpg
 photo 20161007_102231_zpsjyyfhjic.jpg
 photo 20161007_102408_zpsqjwqqaf1.jpg
 photo 20161007_102102_zpsmagtv6sg.jpg
 photo 20161007_102050_zpsekoyzama.jpg
 photo 20161007_102439_zpshrbnyty7.jpg
 photo 20161007_103806_zpssub9drlh.jpg
 photo 20161007_103800_zpsgyembbj2.jpg
 photo 20161007_103806_zpssub9drlh.jpg
 photo 20161007_103952_zpsnuhg1eay.jpg
 photo 20161007_103939_zpsqnzmwyua.jpg
 photo 20161007_103815_zpskuayj8py.jpg

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