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Sold to a Client in Lousiana

"54 Chevy EL Gordo"

The history behind this truck.  Rewind back to 2014 (5 years ago) This truck was left to die in a field for decades where it got the tender touch of Mother Nature.  After getting it's fair share of bullet holes and broken glass my Builder rescued this beauty and gave me a call.   47-53 Trucks are very common so that's why I decided to make this 1954 something special and uncommon.  It was sold on eBay to the highest bidder on eBay for $24,000. The winner loved the truck and even took it twice on a hotrod driving for a week thru the lower southeast states. (FASTFOWARD 5 YEARS) I got a phone the old man saying he was going thru some rough times and asked if I would buy it back.  I immediately jump on the offer as this truck was one of my old time favorites.  Now, I've had it back at home for about 7 mths, not will let the world dictate what this American Time Capsule is worth.  If you are interested on buying prior to eBay, please, call, text or email.

-Mega Wide Custom Fenders: 17 inch Rear Fenders to give it a Wide Body look.
-15x12 Rear Wheels (9" Lips) & 15 x 8's up front
-Brand New Tires, less than 500 miles Full Custom Made White Walls by Diamondback
-Chevy SB 350,rebuilt 5 years ago
-Automatic Transmission using the same 3 on the Tree original setup
-Reclaimed Tilt Wood Bed
-New Full Air Ride System Laying Side Steps
-Rides as low as 1" of the ground at 60MPH's & Raises to as much as 7" inches of the ground.
-Real Deal Bullet Holes from decades ago. "Damn Kids!!" LoL
-Brand New Interior with Marine Vinyl and Suedeling
-All New Glass
-Power Steering
-Front Disc Brakes
-Custom Pin-Striping

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31 photo Eddies54Chevy-220.jpg
 photo 9C61B5C7-3EBC-437E-9F25-956A1A506E66.jpg" photo F1226DB3-A948-42DB-803B-93397E23AC54.jpg
 photo BE761680-FDA0-46BD-9FB4-4A4101060351.jpg
 photo 13673D97-6DD4-42D5-ACC6-886054F91674.jpg
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 photo 2F54CF96-9EC7-4751-9FBB-E2DE22231D00.jpg
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 photo 88F78491-30EB-48A3-A179-001322BB89B1.jpg
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 photo 24C2D315-1476-4023-8B1C-EF94F822FDA0.jpg
 photo 4B6F31F6-D7E8-4E6D-AE89-BCC88C7B5440.jpg photo 4E37EF67-44A9-4210-9FFC-402F1F8CA759.jpg
 photo 68187DBB-FC7E-4763-BD4B-93CF8315978E.jpg
 photo EA520496-EA6B-47DC-9EC3-B0A288A153BB.jpg
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 photo 9189BB24-8CE4-49C5-848F-63B882CE2929.jpg
 photo C37EE929-4150-42B0-A3F7-766FDE64268A.jpg
 photo 390C4E2A-0B8C-4888-A21B-B8EFBE979793.jpg photo 1B76ECA2-C979-4D22-8D73-13F264C27ABB.jpg photo 6DAAA717-9622-44C1-823B-F07757043586.jpg
 photo AA42D2C7-59E9-4094-BFE6-BA29E5ACD0DF.jpg
 photo C477007E-25D0-40D3-A4DF-74A8572D3B4B.jpg photo 373FB4BB-CD0B-49D4-B2FF-F9BCBB357F2F.jpg
 photo 81C6F794-D1DC-4E8C-A26D-34A8A49239E7_1.jpg
 photo 784E7D09-4BEA-44BF-87FA-1819009925BB.jpg
 photo 77249458-05A5-4239-902F-4779B7DAE1BC.jpg
 photo 3F013ADF-9944-4D6B-99F6-4350D2299B62.jpg
 photo FCF1F237-813E-4BD1-9129-EC1BEE02488E.jpg
 photo 4F043416-E533-45AD-8E3F-B535BF06752C_1.jpg
 photo 11A86B77-DF41-460A-AC45-473D84BFFC50.jpg
 photo C88FFCCD-4577-4146-ADA1-54048A23536B.jpg

 photo BAF7E88B-AD23-4C2A-865F-48BDE398A145.jpg" />
 photo 77249458-05A5-4239-902F-4779B7DAE1BC.jpg
 photo 59BD003D-A6B2-40BE-9DC0-E586A50984E3.jpg
 photo 1E5132CA-F1D4-4CBC-AEC8-A334B4D98E10_2.jpg

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  1. the extended fenders are next level. greatest rat rod pickup ever!