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1987 BMW 325i Conv e30 - FOR SALE

1987 BMW 325i convertible. 
89,000 original miles
Brand new custom Red top $2,000 ordered from Germany 
Brand new Katskin cardinal red interior
Engine runs perfect
Starts right up
Custom skid plate under the oil pan.
Mtech 2 front and rear bumper
Original paint
Lowered 1 1/2" all around on h&r springs
17x9 BBS replicas (ESM)
Brand new low profile tires
Ice cold ac
Detachable radio system w amp and interior speakers
Too many upgrades to list
Car is minty
You don't need to do anything to this car
And you wont find a better e30 ready to go
$15,000 OBO

5 photo BMW325i-29.jpg
6 photo BMW325i-27.jpg
4 photo BMW325i-49.jpg3 photo BMW325i-53.jpg1a photo BMW325i-58.jpg photo BMW325i-48.jpg22 photo BMW325i-52.jpg22 photo BMW325i-52.jpg
8 photo BMW325i-24.jpg
7 photo BMW325i-26.jpg
13 photo BMW325i-20.jpg
10 photo BMW325i-23.jpg
11 photo BMW325i-22.jpg
22 photo BMW325i-51.jpg
24 photo BMW325i-10.jpg
25 photo BMW325i-11.jpg
31 photo BMW325i-9.jpg
30 photo BMW325i-12.jpg
35 photo BMW325i-40.jpg
36 photo BMW325i-39.jpg
37 photo BMW325i-38.jpg
28 photo BMW325i-14.jpg
29 photo BMW325i-13.jpg
29 photo BMW325i-13.jpg
40 photo BMW325i-35.jpg
38 photo BMW325i-37.jpg
39 photo BMW325i-36.jpg
27 photo BMW325i-17.jpg
26 photo BMW325i-19.jpg
14 photo BMW325i-4.jpg
 photo BMW325i-50.jpg
 photo BMW325i-6.jpg
 photo BMW325i-33.jpg
14 photo BMW325i-4.jpg photo BMW325i-32.jpg
 photo BMW325i-32.jpg
 photo BMW325i-44.jpg
 photo BMW325i-41.jpg
 photo BMW325i-31.jpg
 photo BMW325i-30.jpg
21 photo BMW325i-54.jpg
17 photo BMW325i-1.jpg
15 photo BMW325i-3.jpg
1 photo BMW325i-28.jpg
13 photo BMW325i-5.jpg

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