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1950 Demolition Truck - SOLD

Sold to a guy in Canada who apparently is a dealer and after he bought it he went off telling people he found it in New Mexico where he rescued it and build it.  He harassed me for weeks to remove everything I had on the Internet about the truck so he could steal my story and take builders credit.  Once I refused he wen't off to threaten me with Law Suits, and made up lies about our work to backup his made up B/S story.  Since, the truck has been published on Magazine and Websites and now the S.O.B. is selling it for $70K+.   Karma is a "B%$" and I'm sure he will get what's coming to him as I heard he does this type of stuff all the time.

Below is the original eBay listing, & build threat from beginning to end. 

"1950 Demo Truck"

Up for auction to the highest bidder is my 1952 Chevy 3100 Patina Truck.  This beauty has one of the most unique patinas I have seen on any Ratrod / Patina Truck.  It belonged to Bayless Excavating and Demolition, door logo still remains as a ghost sign.  This truck was originally Hunter Green, but it got painted decades ago to match their company colors.  Colors = Factory Green, Primer = (Terra-cotta/ brown) and finally painted (Cream). When the company closed down the truck got retired and left to die.  When I found it I decided this truck needed to be brought back to life, and make it one of the sickest Rat Rod Trucks you can find.   It was directly shipped to my builder from the field where it was forgotten. I rested for over 3 decades only the watchful care of Mother Nature.  With my vision and my builders great skills it went thru a full Custom Rat Rod Restoration with the focus being on enjoying the Rat Rod look on the outside and performance of a modern truck.  Keep in mind this a custom build classic truck and not a Brand New Chevy Silverado, so it’s you must respect it’s limitations. Yes, it has rust, dents and scratches, but over all the body is super solid

1 photo IMG_7870.png
2 photo IMG_7869.png
3 photo IMG_7888.png
4 photo IMG_7887.png

-One of a kind Patina
-Custom Build Tube Frame with a Sealed Tight to act as the Air Ride Tank
-90’s Chevy S10 Front Clip
-Front Disc Brakes & Rear Drums, New Matching Finned Master & Booster, New Lines.
-Small Block Chevy 350 with a small cam
-Custom Billet Finned Dress Up Kit
-Custom Lift Wood Bed 
-Battery Mounted behind the driver seat.
-12 Gallon Fuel Cell
-Cleaned & Painted Fire Wall with Hunter Green to match original color
-Automatic Transmission with LOKAR 23” Shifter
-Full Custom Interior with Newly Upholster original bench seat (big +) & door    panels. New Headliner, New Face Gauges (not operating), New Interior Door & Window Cranks, New Custom All Weather Mat
-All Brand New Glass & Weather Strips
-Full Air Ride System: 2 Brand New ViAir 380 Compressors, Firestone 7” Bags, 1/2 Inch Air Line, PTC Fittings
-20 x 8.5 Boss 304’s Chrome Wheels
-Tires have 35% life thread (New Tires for additional $400.00)
-Headlights, Parking & Brakes Lights all work as they should. 
-Clean & Clear Idaho Title

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1 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-78.jpg”>

2 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-142.jpg

YouTube Video
link: http://youtu.be/trZ8aT2IC3Q
              Hear It Roars!!
Click this link: http://youtu.be/rhzPvg2CC3w

3 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-160.jpg”>
4 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-157.jpg”>it photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-175-1.jpg

6 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-81.jpg
7 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-80.jpg8 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-89.jpg”>
i1 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-33.jpgi2 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-34.jpg”>
i3 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-47.jpg”>
i4 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-46.jpg”>
i5 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-29.jpg
i6 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-31.jpg
i7 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-32.jpg
9 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-100.jpg
10 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-104.jpg
11 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-110.jpg12 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-114.jpg”>
i8 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-39.jpgi9 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-38.jpgi10 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-35.jpgi11 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-37.jpg”>
i12 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-44.jpg”>
13 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-115.jpg14 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-116.jpg15 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-121.jpg16 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-123.jpg17 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-130.jpge3 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-22.jpge2 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-23.jpge4 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-15.jpge5 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-18.jpge6 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-25.jpge7 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-27.jpg18 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-139.jpg19 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-67.jpg21 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-61.jpg22 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-48.jpg23 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-52.jpg24 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-51.jpg25 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-56.jpg26 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-57.jpg27 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-12.jpg28 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-9.jpg29 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-5.jpg30 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck.jpg31 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-183.jpg32 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-146.jpg

1b photo IMG_7702.jpg
"The Built"
11a photo IMG_6127.jpg12a photo IMG_6128.jpg
10a photo IMG_5957.jpg”>
9a photo IMG_6107.jpg9ab photo IMG_6105.jpg1a photo IMG_6056.jpg3a photo IMG_6055.jpg4a photo IMG_6112.jpg5a photo IMG_6121.jpg”>
7a photo IMG_6122.jpg”>
8a photo IMG_6123.jpg

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  1. Thanks for your question and interest. Price will be determined by the highest bidder on eBay.
    "NO RESERVE" Auction will start Sunday, November 3rd at 9PM Eastern Standard Time. Offers will be entertained, so call me at any time 305-281-6440.

  2. We from canada arnt all like the guy that bought this masterpeice. I wish i was in the market when this was for sale if you ever make another close to this. Email me. Jamtrip_47@hotmail.com

    Unreal build