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Friends Rides - For Sale

This page is the beginning of a "New Chapter" in my passion for the world of KooL Kustom Rides of all kinds!  I am a Die Hard Aficionado of all kinds of Vintage Classic Rides.  I don't discriminate against Manufactures, Eras, Trucks, Cars, Custom Bikes or 4X4 's of any Style. The only requirement they must be "Bad Ass Rides".   The following rides belong to my Friends/Builders from my backyard, & around the nation who I trust and admire.  Some of these guys have their own "Cult Following", and don't need any introduction, so I will let the my amateur pictures do the talking for them.  I will be assisting & brokering anything you see that you might like on this page.  I have never claimed to be a "Builder", but I am a Visionary, Investor and I have a 15+ year High Volume Sales Experience with Toyota that combined with the my passion of Vintage Kustom Rides has created a way to take the Ratrod, Patina, & Kustom Creations to a whole new level.  If you see something you like on this page contact me, and I will put a deal together that you will be 100% satisfied with and handle the deal from A-Z.  If you don't see the Kool Ride you want "No Worries" I will assist you in Design and my vast contact list of Builders/Friends of all Levels can build it for you!    Finally, if you have a ride that you want to sell but your not a "Great Salesman", and want me to assist,  please feel free to contact me as well.  I have 100's of Clients around the world that carry the same passion and love that would jump at an opportunity to buy your ride.
              I am great with text and email, but if your not just give me a "Ring".  Eddie: 305-281-6440  or VintageUpick@gmail.com

The following is a my buddy's stash. He has tons of Rare KooL Rides.
 photo IMG_7549.jpg

 photo IMG_7559.jpg

 photo IMG_7553.jpg

 photo IMG_7561.jpg

 photo IMG_7539.jpg

 photo IMG_7504.jpg

 photo IMG_7524.jpg

 photo IMG_7512.jpg

 photo IMG_7537.jpg

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