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1950 Chevy Fleetline - SOLD

I listing #forsale this beautiful, 1950 Chevy Fleetline for my friend & one of my fabricators, Yaril owner of http://yarilscustoms.com.  Pictures by Corey Bohorquez contact at: info@coreybstudios.com

Full Description Below the Video's & 80+ Pics

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85 photo Fleetline-33.jpg

86 photo Fleetline-103.jpg


3 year old single stage driver quality paint job (7 or 8 out of 10)
New windshield and gasket
New side glass, felts, u-channels and vent wing seals
New rear glass seal using original glass
New front and rear bumper with new hardware
Color matched front visor and skirts
New lake pipes working as dual exhaust (no mufflers sounds great!)
New hood ornament
New taillights with new gaskets
Correct tag lights
No wipers

New complete interior kit
New venison blinds on rear window
Solid floors no holes no rust (painted rustolium red oxide)
New carpet / floor mats with new tar paper and insulation underneath
New matching trunk carpet with insulation underneath
New gas pedal, brake pedal pad and clutch pedal pad
New door panels
Interior window & door handles good driver repops
New seat upholstery (down to bare frame, painted & cushion / padding)
New headliner with wind lace and tar paper insulation (no interior sun visors)
Garnish moldings color matched with all new stainless hardware
Dash color matched and two toned with white
New accessory “Butterfly” steering wheel painted white to match
New glove box
New rear view mirror (day / night)
New dash script badge
Gauge completely disassembled and refinished
New interior 12v bulbs everywhere (working dome light & dash lights)
New 4 door seals, trunk seal & cowl seal
New ignition key cylinder & switch
All windows roll up and down (regulators all greased up)
All 4 vent windows open & close
Speedo cable snapped so its currently not working
Gas gauge jumps to full not sure why its not working
Oil gauge works fine (oil pressure good at idle and at speed)
Temp gauge works fine (car runs at normal temps)

Original 216 in running condition (fresh oil change w/ zddp)
3 speed manual tranny in running condition shifts fine no grinding
Rear end oil topped off no noises
Radiator has been completely flushed & refilled with new fluids (new cap)
New 12v alternator installed with bracket & using original style pulley
New 12v coil
12v conversion including new headlights & taillights
New 12v battery

Sears 6.70-15 driver quality tires still plenty of thread left
Color matched factory wheels including a matching spare
2 hub caps on front wheels
4 beauty rings on wheels
New shorter front shocks
Front springs cut 1 coil
New rear air shocks with air valve inside trunk next to spare tire
New lowering blocks and u-bolts and some small leafs removed
Rebuilt stock drum brake system

Undercarriage pressure cleaned and undercoated

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