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1984 C10 "Pantera" - SOLD

Year: 1984
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C10
Engine: Small Black 305
Trans: 3-speed Turbo 350 (has a good size Leak, Pan seals must be change)
Color: Black on Black
Suspension: 4" / 6" Static Dropped ( no air ride)
Wheels: 20" US Mags ( Brand New) 8" Front & 10" Rear
Tires: Delinte 245 / 40 ZR 20 ( Brand New less than 30 miles on them)
Power Options: Windows, Locks,Brakes & Power Steering
Full Working Air Conditioning & Heater
Working Radio & Speakers
All Gauges Works
Paint: is a 4 to 5 out of 10 (Can be improved by a good buffing)

 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-6.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-5.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-4.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-1.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-2.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-3.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-41.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-16.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-7.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-8.jpg" photo 1984ChevyC10Black-44.jpg  photo 1984ChevyC10Black-36.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-34.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-35.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-33.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-18.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-17.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-9.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-10.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-19.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-20.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-21.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-23.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-32.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-24.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-30.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-43.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-11.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-12.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-38.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-39.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-12.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-13.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-40.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-42.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-25.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-26.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-31.jpg photo 1984ChevyC10Black-27.jpg" />
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-29.jpg
" />
" />

 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-28.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-14.jpg
 photo 1984ChevyC10Black-16.jpg

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