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1968 CHEVY C10- Zero Fucks Given - SOLD

Listing this bad to the bone C10 for my friend Joel, build by Juanky Build in Miami, Florida

Pictures by Corey Studios (786-475-3114) Call Corey if you want to photograph your ride.
1 photo TitoChevyC10-2.jpg
2 photo TitoChevyC10-15_1.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-28.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-44.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-59.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-54.jpg
3 photo TitoChevyC10-13.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-57.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-43.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-41.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-35.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-36.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-37-2.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-45.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-42.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-46.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-49.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-39.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-48.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-47.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-38.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-40.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-52.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-56.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-55.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-60.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-29.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-30.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-32.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-33.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-68.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-69.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-61.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-67.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-62.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-34.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-12.jpg
4 photo TitoChevyC10-11.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-58.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-71.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-23.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-22.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-20.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-21.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-1.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-10.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-9.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-7.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-53.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-31.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-6.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-25.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-24.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-5.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-4.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-18.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-19.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-51.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-63-2.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-50.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-66.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-65.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-64_1.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-63.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-27.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-16.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-17.jpg
 photo TitoChevyC10-3.jpg
5 photo TitoChevyC10-15.jpg

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