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1951 Chevy "Old Dirty Bastard" - SOLD

"Old Dirty Bastard"
1951 Chevy 3100 Short Bed super solid truck sitting on a Chevy S10 frame with front disc brakes and power steering. She gets her power from a V8 350 sbc motor backed with a 4l60e automatic transmission and a E-Z Tcu transmission controller which gives you total control help setting up your shift points and even gives you RPM and your speedometer all in one unit plus many other cool features. This truck was painted with the old school patina look in mind without dealing with all the rust issues of real patina. The truck was patina painted and then sprayed with a automotive clear coat to seal it up so it will look this great many years from now but gives you the ability to wash it whenever you want to knock the dust and dirt off of it. The interior is fresh and clean with new burgundy carpet and matching seat and door panels. The interior is painted a old-school cream white to match the engine bay that has just the right amount of Chrome to make it pop. She cruises down the highway nice and straight ridding on her brand new Coker White Walls. This old girl is a blast to drive and gets more attention than a train wreck...  You wanna be the talk of the town,  then this truck is your ticket!!! She's a fan favorite with the young and old hot rodders alike.

Old Dirty Bastard - YouTube photo IMG_1972_zpscqy2feyg.jpg photo IMG_1970_zpskxuw3fmq.jpg photo IMG_1898_zps4vluwcql.jpg photo IMG_1899_zpshgc84e3k.jpg photo IMG_1901_zps8iwzyjqv.jpg photo IMG_1998_zpsdhyzzygj.jpg photo IMG_2024_zpskadcteyc.jpg
 photo IMG_1907_zpsb96uqjlo.jpg photo IMG_1937_zpsv0mffqn8.jpg photo IMG_1929_zps5zhjrsqd.jpg photo IMG_1918_zpsm7pmeavh.jpg photo IMG_1947_zpsvnlx7gkw.jpg photo IMG_2059_zpsul7jjrtf.jpg photo IMG_2054_zpsiicb9kop.jpg photo IMG_2055_zpsklkvay93.jpg photo IMG_1951_zpsyim5jkcz.jpg photo IMG_1924_zpsq5whmnak.jpg photo IMG_1938_zps8gzykxyo.jpg photo IMG_1969_zpsdslbdbwx.jpg
 photo IMG_2026_zpspoidxhbj.jpg photo IMG_1911_zps4qsjuxs8.jpg photo IMG_1934_zps3euwcjv7.jpg photo IMG_1908_zpsygrhyu02.jpg photo IMG_1968_zps1ysa0bpk.jpg photo IMG_1893_zpslmmrbwse.jpg photo IMG_1967_zpsdrymstup.jpg photo IMG_1933_zpscr2cxlqv.jpg photo IMG_1919_zpsxq3hkage.jpg photo IMG_1897_zps1izch58y.jpg photo IMG_1965_zpsumsezamj.jpg photo IMG_1966_zpse47iwbze.jpg photo IMG_1972_zpscqy2feyg.jpg

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