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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Welcome Miayota Fans!!

If you are looking to buy or sell a bad-azz 47-72 Chevy Truck feel free to contact me I can broker your ride or maybe just buy it for myself.  Trucks start at $10K and go up to $70K.
Text or Call: 305-281-6440
Email: VintageUpick@gmail.com

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Instagram: @Miayota
Youtube Channel: Miayota
FaceBook: VintageU-Pick Company

What is "Miayota" my username on everything I do.
Mia (Miami) + Yota (I've been w/ the Toyota Dealer for 19 years as a Senior Sales Manager)

 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-421.jpg photo Old Truck-0022.jpg photo COPPERHEAD-4.jpg photo IMG_5501.jpg

 photo IMG_0942.jpg
1 photo EddiesHomewrecker-206.jpg
14 photo RuskinsChevyCoupe-36.jpg

 photo GreenMileSideView2.jpg
53 photo EddiesHomewrecker-117.jpg

THE FLEET photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-383.jpg

 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-59.jpg

 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-14.jpg

 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-495.jpg
 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-520.jpg
 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-212.jpg
 photo EddiesTripleChevyTrucks-242.jpg
 photo RUSTY48.jpg
 photo RUSTY52.jpg

4-a photo Javiers3100Chevy-19.jpg

it photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-175-1.jpg
 photo EddiesDemolitionChevyTruck-137.jpg

1 photo Eddies54Chevy-96.jpg
22 photo Eddies54Chevy-167.jpg

 photo EddysChevy45-2.jpg
 photo EddysChevy41-2.jpg

5 photo Eddys42_-40.jpg
47 photo Eddys42_-25.jpg

3 photo EddiesRedneckRatRod-54.jpg
18 photo EddiesRedneckRatRod-13-2.jpg

2 photo EddiesTrucks-3.jpg
4 photo EddiesTrucks-12.jpg

 photo EddysRonJon-18.jpg
 photo EddysRonJon-14.jpg

 photo ChevyC-10RatRod18.jpg

 photo Eddies72ChevyC-10-96.jpg
 photo Eddies72ChevyC-10-90.jpg
 photo JuankysChevyC10-4.jpg
 photo IMG_3603.jpg
86 photo OrdinanceChevyPickUp-171.jpg


In this blog you can really appreciate the awesome and unique style of my Rat Rod Trucks & Patina Truck.  My passion for Rat Rod Trucks began in 2006 when I purchase my 1st Patina Truck for only a few hundred dollars. 
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