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1964 Chevy C10 "ChevroLaid" - SOLD

Selling my son's 1964 Chevy C10 aka "ChevroLaid".  I bought this truck for him with the intention of him having a bad ass classic truck to drive to school.  He has a outgrown it and is time to pass it forward to the next owner.  The Built was by no mean a show quality job. The main focus was to make it inexpensive but reliable as this was his 1st vehicle ever.  The body, paint and overall cosmetics are rough, but nevertheless the truck looks amazing and it draws a crowd everywhere it gets slammed.  Must important thing about this truck is the fact that it lays rockers.  You must understand to get anything this low it's a minimum of an extra $3-$4K from your regular air ride system.

Year: 1964
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C10
Paint Job: Most Inexpensive Maco Job- 10 footer
Rust: This is a sold 5, 1 being a rust bucket, 10 being perfect.
Body: It's a Patina Rusty Truck, what can I say.  It has waves, cracks, rust, it would need a lot of of work to make it perfect.
Motor: SBC 350
Transmission: Automatic Turbo 350, the shifter is controlled thru the original emergency brake lever. Very unique
Wheels: 15" Smoothies
Tires: 60% Thread still there
Towing Hitch: It has a custom hitch to pull your trailer
Seat: Brand New King Ranch Upholstery bench from an old Chevy Tahoe
Window & Glass: They roll up & down as they should. Glass is solid thru out
Radio: It has a old head unit, amp, & a 10" sub behind the seat. No antenna. The radio works thru a USB cord to your phone.
Solid Wood Bed: Lift by hand to access air ride components
Air Suspension: Super simple setup with paddles in the dash controlled each corner individually,
2 Air Compressors, Regular Air Lines
Headlights & Wipers work good
Items that need work: Brake lights, no turn signals,All Weather Strips.

 photo 1964C10SpoiledSunset-1.jpg
 photo 1964C10SpoiledSunset-3.jpg
 photo 1964C10SpoiledSunset-2.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-60.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-53.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-61.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-27.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-28.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-34.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-30.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-31.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-59.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-58.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-33.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-32.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-15.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-20.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-29.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-47.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-55.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-54.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-35.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-36.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-38.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-16.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-17.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-22.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-18.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-26.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-25.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-24.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-21.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-37.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-23.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-56.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-11.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-8.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-7.jpg photo 1964C10Spoiled-39.jpg photo 1964C10Spoiled-4.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-6.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-2.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-40.jpg photo 1964C10Spoiled-52.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-9.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-10.jpg photo 1964C10Spoiled-19.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-13.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-12.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-42.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-46.jpg
 photo 1964C10Spoiled-43.jpg

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