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1963 - C10 "Farm Fresh" - SOLD

Everyone knows how hard it is to get your hands on a truck in this condition with the big back glass and the custom fleetside short bed, so here is your chance to own a piece of real americana... Don't pass this one up you will always regret it!
                           "Farm Fresh"
1963 Chevy C10 short bed, big back window, fleetside, custom cab truck!
This truck is one of the most original trucks I have seen or come across in a long time. It has the 230 inline 6 cylinder motor with 3 on the tree transmission. It runs and drives great and would make a nice daily cruiser or shop truck. The only real upgrades that have been done is the newly upholstered beautiful bench seat, new wood bed and rails, fuel pump, wires, plugs, etc. (tune up) As you can see in the pictures everything works on this truck just like it came from the factory! All of the gauges work, all of the lights work including the dome light... The heater works great and the fan motor blows strong even the speedometer and the gas gauge work which is very rare on most of these older trucks! Headlights (high and low beams), tail lights, tag light, brake lights and turn signals all work great. This old truck is a blast to drive and gets thumbs up everywhere it goes. Truck has very, very minimal rust for its age and is in excellent condition overall. It would not take much to turn this truck into a fully restored show truck you desire! The original rubber mat is still in the floorboard but it's starting to show its age. The glove box opens and closes and the liner is still intact. This truck even has the original steel wheels with the rare factory equipped hubcaps wich are very hard to find! The speedometer is showing around 65k miles but the title does not indicate if it is original miles? The truck will come with a clean and clear North Carolina title. I have personally driven the truck for the last 6 weeks and have put over a thousand miles on it with no issues whatsoever.
I will be happy to assist you in the pickup or delivery of the truck as it is located right outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping charges!
I have owned several of these old C-10 pickups and I can truly say this one has been a complete joy to own and drive! It is getting harder to find these trucks in this condition especially a custom cab with all the original trim and body side moldings.... This truck has not been molested like most of the ones out there, the dash still has the original factory radio delete plate and all of the original knobs including the cigarette lighter. I can't drive this truck anywhere without getting stopped and asked tons of questions and people wanting to take pictures. As soon as you climb in this truck you feel like you have stepped back in time and everything seems so simply and you get a sense of the true nostalgia! It has an awesome PATINA that only mother nature can achieve over many of years of its pampered life, you couldn't get this nice patina even if you tried to fake it!
Please ask any and all questions before the end of auction.
This is a NO RESERVE auction so the truck will sell to the highest bidder!!!!
Please, please, please do not bid if you do not have the money or intentions to buy or have to ask your wife's permission!
ENHANCED PICS45 photo 2015-03-28 22.30.36_zpss5bedycj.jpg
44 photo 2015-03-28 22.29.58_zpspifbtfkf.jpg
1 photo 20150328_112204_zpsklumul7b.jpg

2 photo 20150328_112153_zpsc6asaaaw.jpg

3 photo 20150328_112521_zpsub8bufva.jpg

4 photo 20150328_112514_zpsllgsfmf2.jpg

5 photo 20150328_112550_zpshp4q0sfa.jpg

6 photo 20150328_112330_zps6rbahx42.jpg

6.1 photo 20150328_112540_zpsqgrm668v.jpg

6.2 photo 20150328_111532_zpsabogbna1.jpg

7 photo 20150328_112619_zpseggwl7rl.jpg

8 photo 20150328_111616_zpsgndpazsh.jpg

9 photo 20150328_111444_zpsvsp3qodj.jpg

10 photo 20150328_111439_zpslaa12s1r.jpg

11 photo 20150328_111454_zpso8o4ovwf.jpg

12 photo 20150328_111459_zpsoiyoaue9.jpg

13 photo 20150328_111506_zpsp8enwvmy.jpg
14 photo 20150328_112602_zpsdlfmsg4l.jpg
15 photo 20150328_112630_zps4bm06ds7.jpg
17 photo 20150328_112433_zpsgjiyw7j2.jpg

18 photo 20150328_112459_zpsp0wqaonz.jpg

18.1 photo 20150328_165110_zpsaz3w3bdq.jpg

18.2 photo 20150328_165120_zpscvzemmkm.jpg

18.3 photo 20150328_111309_zpshcoapcdt.jpg

18.5 photo 20150328_111607_zpsipcc3dsy.jpg

19 photo 20150328_112405_zpspkohudwr.jpg

19.1 photo 20150328_112426_zps4eizfxzq.jpg

20 photo 20150328_111832_zpsovewtwmn.jpg

21 photo 20150328_112132_zps2nknoach.jpg

22 photo 20150328_112059_zpsfrrj3o6j.jpg

23 photo 20150328_112116_zpsrv9uxfxp.jpg

25 photo 20150328_112022_zpsiwkd6wco.jpg

24 photo 20150328_112041_zpsxyqs1qgb.jpg

26 photo 20150328_112030_zpsrnfdsspw.jpg

26 photo 20150328_111249_zpsymhd3eiz.jpg

26.1 photo 20150328_111240_zpsoqbnyyny.jpg

26.2 photo 20150328_161343_zpssigdidzo.jpg

26.3 photo 20150328_112723_zps92yrazus.jpg

26.4 photo 20150328_161447_zps0h0c2rfj.jpg

26.5 photo 20150328_161406_zps3t5jtqp3.jpg

26.6 photo 20150328_112823_zps5ppdlxjb.jpg

26.7 photo 20150328_112803_zpsfwlk1cde.jpg

26.8 photo 20150328_112756_zps3mk1mmrj.jpg

27 photo 20150328_111231_zpstuj20pit.jpg

28 photo 20150328_111202_zpsqdrnigjv.jpg

29 photo 20150328_111155_zpsljlrtqwv.jpg

30 photo 20150328_111218_zpsz86wwoco.jpg

31 photo 20150328_111212_zpsvybm5nws.jpg

33 photo 20150327_185926_zps0ar6xqot.jpg

34 photo 20150328_162057_zpsbf45lfk6.jpg

35 photo 20150328_162105_zpsnshe7oz5.jpg

36 photo 20150328_165747_zpsqlhpmgzs.jpg

37 photo 20150328_165811_zpsdazuflmr.jpg

38 photo 20150328_165915_zpsbkeuw3z9.jpg

39 photo 20150328_165956_zps7iup77nu.jpg
 photo 20150328_165844_zpsnbsjv7ew.jpg

 photo 20150328_165834_zpssmtze1d7.jpg

 photo 20150328_170117_zpspfxrxqlw.jpg

40 photo 20150328_111814_zpsnmwnee9p.jpg

41 photo 20150328_112346_zpsvee48t4h.jpg

42 photo 20150328_112140_zpsal3ctaqw.jpg

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