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1953 "Green Mile" - SOLD

1953 Chevrolet 3100

  • Original California truck.  
  • All exterior original sheet metal and paint. 
  • Patina everywhere.  
  • Interior cab had a respray at one point to clean up the dash area....still green.  
  • Driver’s side cab corner has a small hole in the bottom but it never bothered me.  Passenger side okay.  
  • Body has plenty of dings and dents.....i.e. character.
  • Inside engine bay firewall is sprayed satin black and all holes filled for a cleaner look.
  • Interior Firewall and floor all done with Dynamat to quiet down noise and keep out heat.
  • Raised Wood Bed Framework (to make space for Air ride setup)
  • mini-tubbed below wood frame to fit wider wheels if desired.

Drive train:  
  • Fuel Injected 5.3 LS1 out of a 2008 Silverado.  
  • Transmission is a 4 speed, Electronic 4L60E freshly re-built out of a 2008 Chevy Silverado as well.  
  • Engine has headers but otherwise stock.
  • Exhaust is wrapped under truck (keeps heat out)  
  • New Drive-shaft.
  • New Trans Cross member
  • External Trans Cooler
  • 10 bolt Chevy rear end with modest gearing (cruises nice at low RPM's at 90 MPH).
  • Rear end is narrowed about 4" to fit wider wheels if desired....currency running 2" spacers.
  • 16 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank between the frame-rails at the rear. 
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes (disks front, drums rear)

Suspension (all suspension work done by Yaril Quintana @ Yaril's Customs):
  • Truck retains most of its original frame aside from front clip & C-Notch
  • Full Accuair e-level Air Management System with dual Viair Air Compressors.
  • Air Bags on all 4 corners and lays frame.
  • Mustang II front clip, welded, boxed and gusseted.
  • C-Notch Rear, fully welded and notched.
  • 2-link rear end.

Other odds & ends:
  • New original style Headliner and bow
  • New original interior sun visors
  • New Yellow Top Optima Battery
  • New Kick panels
  • Bench Seat out of a 73-87 Chevy truck, raised and newly reupholster
  • New window and door seals
  • No cracks in any of the windows.
  • One piece, power windows with stealth crank handle switches (both sides)
  • Fire wall Cowl vent works as it should with new seal.
  • New Stained and sealed White Pine wood bed planks and stainless bolds mounted on custom frame with gas struts.
  • New Chevy wheels powder coated satin black 7” wide
  • New Coker American Classic 3” wide whitewall radial tires
  • New Chrome metal spider caps
  • Custom pin striping.

 photo 1-08.jpg
 photo 1-11.jpg
 photo 1-02.jpg
 photo 1-03.jpg

 photo 1-04.jpg
 photo 1-01.jpg
 photo 1-06.jpg
 photo 1-09.jpg
TEL # 786-475-3114 
SOCIAL MEDIA: @coreyb_studios

 photo GreenMileRedTrainSideView2.jpg
 photo GreenMileRedTrain.jpg
 photo GreenMileEsstCoast.jpg
 photo GreenMileEastCoast.jpg
 photo GreenMileFloridaEastCoast.jpg
 photo GreenMileFrontView.jpg
 photo GreenMileTopView.jpg
 photo GreenMileinterior3.jpg
 photo GreenMileBackBrick.jpg
 photo GreenMileSideBrick.jpg
 photo GreenMileinterior4.jpg
 photo GreenMileinterior5.jpg
 photo GreenMileinterior2.jpg
 photo GreenMileinterior1.jpg
 photo GreenMileFrontPassangerSide.jpg
 photo GreenMileTrainSide.jpg
 photo GreenMileSideBrick3.jpg
 photo GreenMileBackView.jpg
 photo GreenMileFrontViewWithTrain.jpg

 photo _DSC0193.jpg
 photo _DSC0189.jpg
 photo _DSC0049.jpg
 photo _DSC0052.jpg
 photo _DSC0050.jpg
 photo _DSC0051.jpg
 photo _DSC0141.jpg
 photo _DSC0140.jpg
 photo _DSC0172.jpg
 photo _DSC0205.jpg
 photo _DSC0173.jpg
 photo _DSC0199_2.jpg
 photo _DSC0194.jpg
 photo _DSC0150.jpg
 photo _DSC0059.jpg
 photo _DSC0061.jpg
 photo _DSC0202.jpg
 photo _DSC0152.jpg
 photo _DSC0196_2.jpg
 photo _DSC0054.jpg
 photo _DSC0148.jpg
 photo _DSC0152.jpg
 photo _DSC0160.jpg
 photo _DSC0157.jpg
 photo _DSC0158.jpg
The Following Pics were taken on Sunday, January 4th, 2015
 photo DSC09589.jpg photo DSC09593.jpg photo DSC09609.jpg photo DSC09595.jpg photo DSC09592.jpg photo DSC09596.jpg photo DSC09597.jpg photo DSC09599.jpg photo DSC09610.jpg photo DSC09612.jpg photo DSC09600.jpg photo DSC09601.jpg photo DSC09602.jpg photo DSC09605.jpg photo DSC09606.jpg photo DSC09629.jpg
 photo DSC09625.jpg photo DSC09624.jpg photo DSC09627.jpg photo DSC09622.jpg photo DSC09616.jpg photo DSC09614.jpg photo DSC09594.jpg

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