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1949 "Tobacco Road" - Sold

Tobacco Road

Price: $50K OBO

Build Sheet & Specs

Mustang 2 front end
Tubular a arms
stock 49' frame. 
camaro rear end
Ls 5.3 motor w/ stainless headers
4l60e tranny w/ over drive
New alternator
Lokar tall shifter
Front Disc brakes
Dual exhaust
Power steering
Old school ooga horn
E-Z wiring harness 
OBD Fusion (equipped) is an app that allows you to read OBD2 vehicle data directly from your Android phone or tablet. You can read diagnostic trouble codes, estimate fuel economy and much more! Some of the features include customizable dashboards, real-time graphing of speedometer, battery voltage, RPMs, engine temp, mass air flow, fuel rate, vehicle sensors, emission readiness status, data logging and exporting, oxygen sensor tests, Boost readout, and a full diagnostic report.
4 corner air ride
Aire Jax manual valves
3/8 air lines w/ 2 Airmaxx 480 compressors & 8 gal air tank.
Dual lighted gauges in cab. 
All new custom interior with
matching door panels,  headliner,  carpet and kick panels. 
New door and window cranks
All new door weather stripping and window felt.
New pine wood bed, matching bed strips, hardware and power assist lift rods. 
15" steelies with spider caps
Porta wall wide white wall
Radial tires 
15 gal. Aluminum gas tank under the bed
Heater works great!
Headlights, brake & turn signals, park lights and dome lights all work great. 


 photo IMG_1681_zpsf8ud8fcd.jpg
 photo IMG_1684_zpsumowgndw.jpg
 photo IMG_1680_zpsaqem5dj4.jpg
 photo IMG_1575_zpsthehrcez.jpg
 photo IMG_1574_zpsuoirt2fz.jpg
 photo IMG_1561_zpshnozazlt.jpg
 photo IMG_1565_zpsgp2ilnkn.jpg
 photo IMG_1570_zpsegh6g0vp.jpg
 photo IMG_1557_zpsdexu4myu.jpg
 photo IMG_1558_zpsjjkdgchs.jpg
 photo IMG_1494_zpsdh5ooisq.jpg
 photo IMG_1495_zpsu4vdgnz2.jpg
 photo IMG_1505_zps2yrchglu.jpg
 photo IMG_1510_zps7yreapql.jpg
 photo 20170131_175032.jpg
 photo 20170131_175023.jpg
 photo 20170131_175135_1485909464507_resized.jpg
 photo 20170131_175306.jpg
 photo IMG_1533_zpsjciws5cl.jpg
 photo IMG_1531_zpsevhomb8w.jpg
 photo IMG_1511_zpsvyjldhbo.jpg
 photo IMG_1512_zps3x5m17af.jpg
 photo CD7B72A0-5428-46C6-8C91-E5A27921F21F.jpg
 photo 33241FA7-6D21-496B-A5BB-70EF77B7B551.jpg
 photo B00F9A33-0841-4BB9-AF33-581E7D9FD93D.jpg
 photo 3D9E74A2-BC5D-49A3-8349-5DB95DCDE872.jpg
 photo 8BB41BA9-51CA-403D-A2C7-72C40DF86F0A.jpg
 photo 1E5EA453-EDE6-4FBC-B010-FECE7B990FA8.jpg
 photo 7153C269-9FF1-4756-9100-AF108E44F260.jpg
 photo ABCCA59D-33B2-443C-963E-27DD334F9258.jpg
 photo 085FB6FC-472F-479F-ABA4-F31767CA20C7.jpg
 photo 9B5E8E13-86D6-43B2-AB6D-5535C96A1B9C.jpg photo 20170131_175219_1485909462703_resized.jpg
 photo 20170131_175254.jpg
 photo EFF0D10B-FB23-416B-BD82-4A60AB133FBD.jpg

 photo 113D2905-DEAF-4B23-9125-55293A78EA19.jpg
 photo 7BCD6BDB-0E7D-414F-B61A-0D717FC3FF54.jpg
 photo B61D5E43-EC02-4FBF-87CC-793D97E56CF1.jpg photo D014D6B6-5CE3-4540-9797-8AC37F40128A.jpg
 photo 541D9A95-A612-4D18-9D9F-7827FAF3194F.jpg
 photo FA1B3404-56D9-41D8-A9F7-DFFD54374976.jpg
 photo F06D8D76-99BE-4FBA-B950-DE86ADCD9918.jpg
 photo 9FCC9E58-641A-49AC-B1C7-E3135447641F.jpg
 photo 2811CF5C-0350-47E2-A3E1-44783C949D4A.jpg
 photo 541D9A95-A612-4D18-9D9F-7827FAF3194F.jpg
 photo A365BEE3-AE2E-414A-94A2-93D843F25E92.jpg
 photo BC947EC4-CE75-497C-AB2C-67F449116858.jpg
 photo C2143592-F23E-45AD-B84D-A1792C71A66A.jpg photo FF8EE334-1AB3-427F-A29B-C91FEDDC9778.jpg
 photo 20170131_174907.jpg
 photo 20170131_174856.jpg
 photo 20170131_174918.jpg
 photo B03BB680-DA08-457E-AB4B-2852DF92025E.jpg
 photo 20170131_175227.jpg
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 photo 20170131_175032.jpg
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 photo 20170131_175023.jpg
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 photo 20170131_175135_1485909464507_resized.jpg
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 photo 20170131_175306.jpg
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