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1990 CHEVY '454 SS" - FOR SALE

Listing this bad ass "454 SS" for my buddy Manny. The truck drives great and is a monster on the road. Full list of upgrades below:

- Original 1990 Chevy 454 SS
-850 horsepower Cobra Power 4 Bolt Main Blue Print
454 on Aluminum Heads with the best Holley 4 Barrel Carburator
-Painted about 1 year, but it needs a new wax job
-Full Billet Interior Kit
-Working A/C & Heater
-2" Lowering Kit
-Calvert Full Suspension
-Ladder Bars
-411 Gears w/ Posi Traction
-American Racing Billet Wheels
-400 HP Trick Auto Transmission
-2500 Stall Coverter
-B & M Shift Kit & Power Kit

Only 2000 miles since motor upgrades have been done.

 photo 1990Chevy454SS-4.jpg photo 1990Chevy454SS-2.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-16.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-18.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-17.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-3.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-52.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-46.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-47.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-48.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-50.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-49.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-9.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-10.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-20.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-21.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-53.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-41.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-29.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-39.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-26.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-30.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-31.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-38.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-40.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-33.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-36.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-32.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-35.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-37.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-54.jpg photo 1990Chevy454SS-27.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-28.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-1.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-11.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-12.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-58.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-7.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-25.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-45.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-22.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-23.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-6.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-24.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-13.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-14.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-5.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-42.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-43.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-44.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-15.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-15.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-4.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-56.jpg

 photo 1990Chevy454SS-1.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-4.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-2.jpg
 photo 1990Chevy454SS-3.jpg

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